�����z���p���g���_���X���Q���K���F���Aǿ�=ȼ�:ɹ�8ʷ�6˶�5̵�5͵�6ζ�7ϸ�9к�܊�ݖ�ޢ�)߯�6��D���S���c���s���� ����2��F���[���p������(��@���X���r������4���P���m��������8���W���w����)���K���m��curv (You / with your sister?) I watch cartoons every day. �k�͂0����W�������G����r�ׇ;����i�Ή3�����d�ʋ0�����c�ʍ1�����f�Ώ6����n�֑?����z��M��� �����_�ɖ4��� Downloadable worksheets: PRESENT SIMPLE VS PRESENT CONTINUOUS- A COMPLETE REVISION- *AFFIRMATIVE**NEGATI VE* *INTERROGATIVE * and *SHORT ANSWERS*. f t p. Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. endobj We can use the present continuous to talk about the past when we are: telling a story: The other day I'm just walking down the street when suddenly this man comes up to me and asks me to lend him some money. �"9Qi������*C\u����� & @ Z t � � � � �.Id���� %A^z���� &Ca~����1Om����&Ed����#Cc����'Ij����4Vx���&Il����Ae����@e���� Ek���*Qw���;c���*R{���Gp���@j���>i��� A l � � �! PRESENT SIMPLE, PRESENT CONTINUOUS or PAST SIMPLE? Present simple - present continuous - past simple Grammar guide and exercises to practice the use of present simple, present continuous and past simple. 1 I (live) in Rome since 2009. a. It’s eight o’clock, Meg. Click here to review how to make the present simple. We use the present continuous for planned future arrangements. Present continuous – use . She is getting a pension. Present Simple / Present Continuous – Answers A 1. appears 4. are having 2. close 5. is seeing 3. is trying 6. don’t think B 1. takes 5. doesn’t forget 2. is studying 6. don’t eat 3. does … cost 7. ' Write the verb between brackets in the present simple or continuous. 16 0 obj He is working in Bath. ",#(7),01444'9=82. Every Monday, Sally (drive) her kids to football practice. He is having a bath. [ 9 0 R] Click here to review how to make the present perfect continuous. Board game present simple vs present continuous. In genere non si usa il present continuous per parlare di stati d’animo, pensieri, sentimenti e intuizioni. Futuro con Be going to e Present Continuous, esercizi. (It is sour.) � Present simple exercises PDF Learn the present simple tense. Isn't he working? English: Present continuous and the Going to form. Present continuous worksheets and online activities. 4) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Present? Will + going to + present continuous exercises PDF Compare different future forms. Present continuous - exercise 2 Complete sentences. My favourite team _____ (win)! Verb Tense Exercise 1 Simple Present and Present Continuous. typical of this use. 7 0 obj Present continuous passive exercises PDF Passive forms. ' am not = ‘m not; is not = isn’t/’s not; are not = aren’t/’re not . �u���L���$�����h�՛B��������d�Ҟ@��������i�ءG���&����v��V�ǥ8��������n��R�ĩ7�������u��\�ЭD���-������ �u��`�ֲK�³8���%�������y��h��Y�ѹJ�º;���.���!������ �����z���p���g���_���X���Q���K���F���Aǿ�=ȼ�:ɹ�8ʷ�6˶�5̵�5͵�6ζ�7ϸ�9к�܊�ݖ�ޢ�)߯�6��D���S���c���s���� ����2��F���[���p������(��@���X���r������4���P���m��������8���W���w����)���K���m��curv I am ill. (visit) I am doing my homework. In questa pagina puoi trovare tutti gli esercizi di inglese del sito in formato pdf facilmente scaricabili e stampabili. �����z���p���g���_���X���Q���K���F���Aǿ�=ȼ�:ɹ�8ʷ�6˶�5̵�5͵�6ζ�7ϸ�9к�܊�ݖ�ޢ�)߯�6��D���S���c���s���� ����2��F���[���p������(��@���X���r������4���P���m��������8���W���w����)���K���m���� C iPhone/iPad app: English grammar app (iOS). Questo impiego del Present Continuous for future arrangements è molto frequente con i verbi go and come. English Exercises > present continuous exercises. Present continuous - exercise 4 Complete questions.. Someone _____ (swim) in the sea. Present continuous - exercise 3 Make negative answers. He is always smoking in the living room! Questo impiego del Present Continuous for future arrangements è molto frequente con i verbi go and come. � 4: They _____ a job at the moment. j Present perfect continuous or Present perfect simple 5. She can't go out today. ESERCIZI PER IL RIPASSO CLASSE SECONDA Ripassa bene VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR e FUNCTIONS studiati durante l'anno e svolgi questi esercizi. Past perfect simple 8. 00. !H!u!�!�!�"'"U"�"�"�# I think he is my best friend. a) b. (Capitalize when needed) 1. � stream Elementary level esl, esol, ielts. � Matching_MTYyNzc= Level: advanced. Documento Microsoft Word 78.5 KB. a) Anne is always coming late. It's very cold. 0 Helen has never (drink) drunk wine. endobj Puedes hacer los ejercicios online o descargar la ficha como pdf. 3. Worksheet 2 Answers: 1. 3 We _____ to lunch now. (know) For the present continuous, use the verb ‘to be’ and ‘-ing’. Present simple vs present continuous exercises PDF PDF worksheets to compare these forms. e) I'm here. Past perfect simple 8. 13 0 obj 170 video storie dalla BBC Learning per imparare l'Inglese. Elementary and intermediate level. � !H!u!�!�!�"'"U"�"�"�# Present continuous 3. An exercise by Montse Morales for The English Learning Website . (q(�(�))8)k)�)�**5*h*�*�++6+i+�+�,,9,n,�,�--A-v-�-�..L.�.�.�/$/Z/�/�/�050l0�0�11J1�1�1�2*2c2�2�3 3F33�3�4+4e4�4�55M5�5�5�676r6�6�7$7`7�7�88P8�8�99B99�9�:6:t:�:�;-;k;�;� >`>�>�?! We normally use short forms in spoken English. By TatyanaGogoleva The objective of this worsheet is to train the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. 6 Present perfect simple e continuous (25-27, 30-31) Present perfect simple – uso Si usa il present perfect per esprimere un evento o una situazione che hanno ... Esercizi 1 Completa le frasi con il present perfect dei verbi tra parentesi. Julia is very good at languages. PRESENT PERFECT vs PRESENTE PERFECT CONTINUOUS Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. endobj 2. Your English is improving. 7. Descarga. will, going to, or present continuous? It is necessary to write full form in negative sentences. Try another exercise about the present continuous and present simple here Try this exercise in video here Click here to review how to make the present continuous. Activities to revise the future with will, be going to, present simple and present continuous. Download full-size image from Pinterest . Going to (futuro) 11. Il verbo avere, "to have" in lingua inglese, oltre ad essere utilizzato come ausiliare e nelle forme composte, è presente frequentemente in modi di dire e frasi idiomatiche, con significati diversi da quelli abituali (avere o possedere). Download this exercise in PDF. Isn't he watching? look for: are looking for: 5: Ian _____ to disco right now. present continuous exercise. My nephew (come) to stay with me next week. x��XMo�6���Q:���C� @�$�,���붇lh56�ة�l6��CZrDKd�AdZ&���g�D&�������ꜰ�/��D�*��K|zJ�Χ�l6M.���L�����@rEoe2�����xd�3���������u�yS� ���@���G�� It seems that it will rain. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in the simple present or present continuous tense. 3. (scent) Present simple and present continuous (multiple choice) 1) A: What ..... ? Prof.ssa.Silvia Mazzau 8A. Complete the following sentences using Present Continuous Tense. 3 Present continuous (9-11) Present continuous – uso Il present continuous si usa per parlare di azioni che vengono viste come temporanee e in corso di svolgimento. <> <>>> ?a?�?�@#@d@�@�A)AjA�A�B0BrB�B�C:C}C�DDGD�D�EEUE�E�F"FgF�F�G5G{G�HHKH�H�IIcI�I�J7J}J�KKSK�K�L*LrL�MMJM�M�N%NnN�O OIO�O�P'PqP�QQPQ�Q�R1R|R�SS_S�S�TBT�T�U(UuU�VV\V�V�WDW�W�X/X}X�YYiY�ZZVZ�Z�[E[�[�\5\�\�]']x]�^^l^�__a_�``W`�`�aOa�a�bIb�b�cCc�c�d@d�d�e=e�e�f=f�f�g=g�g�h?h�h�iCi�i�jHj�j�kOk�k�lWl�mm`m�nnkn�ooxo�p+p�p�q:q�q�rKr�ss]s�ttpt�u(u�u�v>v�v�wVw�xxnx�y*y�y�zFz�{{c{�|!|�|�}A}�~~b~�#��G��� Activities to practice and evaluate Present Continuous structures. 1. Look! English grammar All PDF grammar rules on this website. 4. 5 0 obj I see what you mean. o Tutto ciò per evitare di usare go and come con il futuro veicolato da be going to, poiché creerebbe cacofonia o disarmonia dei suoni che verrebbero troppo spesso ripetuti: *I’m going to … Present continuous PDF rules PDF grammar rules on the present continuous. � (q(�(�))8)k)�)�**5*h*�*�++6+i+�+�,,9,n,�,�--A-v-�-�..L.�.�.�/$/Z/�/�/�050l0�0�11J1�1�1�2*2c2�2�3 3F33�3�4+4e4�4�55M5�5�5�676r6�6�7$7`7�7�88P8�8�99B99�9�:6:t:�:�;-;k;�;� >`>�>�?! My brother is playing football with his friends tonight. We do not normally use these groups of verbs (state verbs) in the continuous form: A. Verbs of senses: feel, hear, see, smell, taste. Click here to review how to make the present perfect. BusyTeacher.org’s 184 present simple and present continuous tense worksheets approach these tenses in a wide variety of ways. future tense exercise. ���� JFIF �� ��mICC_PROFILE ]Lino mntrRGB XYZ � 1 acspMSFT IEC sRGB �� �-HP cprt P 3desc � lwtpt � bkpt rXYZ gXYZ + bXYZ ? Language Notes: 1. #8#f#�#�#�$$M$|$�$�% %8%h%�%�%�&'&W&�&�&�''I'z'�'�( (? Short forms: I'm playing, you're playing, he's playing, we're playing, they're playing � I am doing my homework. PRESENTE CONTINUO (revision).doc. 2 0 obj 1.- At last! I am learning English here. a. are you wear. 6 0 obj d. does your father do. Positive statement: I am playing, you are playing, he is playing, we are playing, they are playing I _____ (watch) a reality show on TV. Hurry up! � I am always forgetting my keys. Index of contents. It's cloudy today. Will (futuro) 10. Fill in the blanks with a present simple or present continuous tense form. ESERCIZI DI RECUPERO Future tenses: Present continuous, going to, Present simple 5 Completa le frasi con la forma corretta di going to e uno dei verbi dati. Were you with your sister? 5. Present continuous worksheets and online activities. Il Present Continuous. Complete the following sentences using Present Continuous Tense. Present continuous exercises. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 3. I suppose you are right. I am doing housework at the moment. Make the negative with ‘don’t’ or ‘doesn’t’. <> Present continuous - exercise 3 Make negative answers.. = dmnd S pdmdd � �vued K �view � $lumi � meas $tech - rTRC 9 gTRC E bTRC Q text Copyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard Company desc sRGB IEC61966-2.1 sRGB IEC61966-2.1 XYZ �Q �XYZ XYZ o� 8� �XYZ b� �� �XYZ $� � ��desc IEC http://www.iec.ch IEC http://www.iec.ch desc .IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB .IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB desc ,Reference Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1 ,Reference Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1 view �� _. <> 4. # ( - 2 7 ; @ E J O T Y ^ c h m r w | � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � %+28>ELRY`gnu|����������������&/8AKT]gqz������������ !-8COZfr~���������� -;HUcq~��������� +:IXgw��������'7HYj{�������+=Oat�������2FZn������� % : O d y � � � � � � Be careful! It is used for temporary activities that are true now, but not necessarily happening at the time of speaking. It (not/rain) now. endobj 8. We use the present continuous tense to say that something is happening at the time of speaking. I’m working in London this week. (I / at home yesterday) I was at home yesterday. 17 0 obj My favourite team _____ (win)! <> I (read) you some of my own poems. It’s raining. PRESENT CONTINUOUS III. The elephants (drink) from the pond. English verb exercises: present progressive exercises. present continuous with future meaning 1. Il present continuous (conosciuto anche come Present Progressive) è utilizzato nelle seguenti situazioni: per descrivere un’azione ancora in corso; per descrivere una situazione temporanea o a breve termine . Present simple vs present continuous – use . 4. She is preparing for an exam. She is tasting the soup if it is warm enough. Are you having a party for your birthday? Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. endobj 5. Past Simple 6. She is starting next week. This worksheet is made to practice PRESENT SIMPLE, PRESENT CONTINUOUS and PAST SIMPLE. 2. 8 0 obj 2) Why ..... sunglasses? Fill in the blanks with a present simple or present continuous tense form. Present progressive : worksheets, lessons, printable exercises pdf, handouts, grammar notes. Have / have got 12. I am not solving some math problems at the moment. Let's go out. La struttura. Past continuous 7. The present perfect simple can be used (often with 'since' and 'for') to talk about unfinished actions that started in the past and are still true in the present. Were you with your sister? The flower smells beautiful. Esercizi sulle differenze e l'uso del present simple e continuous nella grammatica inglese. English ESL elementary grammar Exercise 45 present continuous Complete these sentences with either present simple or present continuous. What is he doing? Past perfect continuous 9. �"9Qi������*C\u����� & @ Z t � � � � �.Id���� %A^z���� &Ca~����1Om����&Ed����#Cc����'Ij����4Vx���&Il����Ae����@e���� Ek���*Qw���;c���*R{���Gp���@j���>i��� A l � � �! Present simple use . 1. I (light) a fire. Revision exercises for the Present Simple + Present Continuous tenses. ... PDF: Exercise 1 / Exercise 2. Esercizi supplementari (con risposte) 1. I am coming soon. Are you getting ready for school? 2. 7. Short forms: Aren't you watching? Ok, moving on swiftly, let’s have a look at the present continuous tense and the different ways in which we use it. (_____/21 marks) 1 My brother _____ this CD very much. ID: 704393 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: 5th grade Age: 7-15 Main content: Present continuous Other contents: Add to my workbooks (30) Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom <> Present perfect simple or Past simple 4. 2. Present Continuous 1. � Esercizi supplementari (con risposte) 1. 00. He (have) an operation next week. Examples: Click here to see the explanation of “Present Continuous Tense”. <> It's raining. This open cloze test covers the forms of present continuous tense and the meaning of some verbs. c) He's just finished the letter. moment. Put the verbs in the correct forms, present continuous or present simple. <> Present Simple or Present Continuous? 1 0 obj I _____ (solve) the problem. I’m having driving lessons. ;V�+S�ݤ��jG�ܴh߱�O3p�1T�q��Mv��D�xC-�5�n�֡6�-�x9����m�}";���n�b��6��;L�P���iޑU&�O���H��Ŕ��¾�@V�[�kb&�R��UMS���x�)�\�="��a��ԯ ���=��P*�rX{��m�y��Q�֯��;�!�8�D{�[�>X�ɿ��@����D)���9ښ\=w%��|M~�3��Ira�<5�)�Z�%>:�l鶭� �� Worksheets - handouts. <> Present Simple e avverbi di frequenza 1 - Completa il brano con la forma affermativa corretta dei verbi nel riquadro. 12 0 obj C�f�駻�Sd���h��F5X�P�"���ƌ}K���q�ڵ��\�Ǽ��E������E�*U�s�|{�_Ԣ9t4���8����֨�8��xYٻ��|ò�Y�4��e�Լ �D�o������W���5n�� P-��Ŵ���C�&�����" ��-% 5=t�ǟ��œ�Au�@4O ��U���~d{���|73�G�� �c1s�K�:D #�"��Ud~~x�U��g�:�*\��Fۧ��oieRm�! PRESENTE CONTINUO (negativa & interrogat. (= I don’t usually work in London) Prof.ssa.Silvia Mazzau 8A. Present continuous 3. In such a case they become action verbs. We use the present continuous to talk about things you are doing now. You are exploring possibilities. �k�͂0����W�������G����r�ׇ;����i�Ή3�����d�ʋ0�����c�ʍ1�����f�Ώ6����n�֑?����z��M��� �����_�ɖ4��� Present simple vs present continuous exercises PDF, Present simple + present continuous for future PDF, Will + going to + present continuous exercises PDF. I _____ her. endobj Some seniors are starting second careers. Present continuous. Judy is making dolls. Formula frasi con il verbo ESSERE nella forma del SIMPLE PAST con le parole date come nell’esempio: 0. I am in London. Documento Microsoft Word 77.5 KB. Questions: Am I eating? The ground is wet. Peppa Pig Songs - video and lyrics. 164 testi di Reading Comprehension con esercizi di verifica. Are you not watching? <> Exercise 3 - make sentences with jumbled words. Present continuous - exercise 5 All forms - choose correct answers.

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