Haven’t had the opportunity to find out about any other issues yet but hope to soon. Regardless, I like the way I am feeling now. Lynn. It still stinks, just like the menstral pad always did; I always had to use both tampon and pad, my flow was so heavy. Interesting…wait and see what happens. Hi Babycakes, Am also hoping that your husband will be more understanding. I have only a mild soreness from time to time now. In having said this I think that Osphena is very helpful for the use that I am using it for. This is a never-ending cycle….. Estrace internally was just gross!! Between tolerance and resistance, I figure all these antibiotics I’ve taken over the last couple of decades have a lot to do with where I am with the UTIs. I feel like passing out baseball caps that say” I’m still doing IT!” Can you imagine telling men their love affair with their penises is over and they should just suck it up and go away? Before and around the time of menopause I started experiencing pain when trying to have intercouse. You give me such hope. All I know is that everything happens for a reason, and if I keep that in mind, I’ll find the strength to go on as a more confident and SOBER woman. OSPHENA is an estrogen agonist/antagonist with tissue selective effects. I just wanted to share my experience, maybe it might help someone. No change in diet, have bumped up the exercise but the weight is not changing. Good luck. Thanks for your post! I’m wondering if it’s okay to completely stop ingesting this toxic chemical? Dear Ms. Daisy, I have been on Osphena for about 4 mos. Good luck If so are you having good results. My Cardiologist says my heart’s beating strength is 60, where 50 is normal; whatever all that means. Life is a good thing and we’re supposed to enjoy it. Wow, Peggy.. Good for you… Gives me hope since I just started to take it. Had I known what was in for me, I would have fought not to have “the plumbing” removed…I would have endured the constant pain of my uterus and ovaries rather than not be able to have sexual relationship with my husband. I buy extra virgin in jar at Walmt where you find vitamins for about $10/ 10oz…it is hard like wax and I dig it out of jar to use . Sorry to hear that, It’s About Time. With your hysterectomy, were the ovaries removed as well? Don’t know if I should worry if there is blood in it. I hope you found a medical malpractice attorney and are suing that doctor. Please help me- join AARP and make a big deal about it. My husband did read the black box warnings, and said they sounded like a pretty low percentage. • Store OSPHENA at room temperature between 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C). The frequent UTI’s and urethral thinning can also be helped by estrogen. Amen. I was gaining weight too at menopause. In my family these issues of sex or aging were never discussed, so I guess what I am trying to say is, I am happy that these issues are finally being addressed. I got about half of the money back, because of the negative problems it had caused me. And sex which used to be fabulous and is a critical part of my 30 yer marriage has become a source of frustration. I won’t stop taking it unless some problem arises with blood clots. My husband and I are best friends, able to enjoy life, without expectation. If it was from the activity, seems like it would not have taken 4 days for blood to show up. (As if degenerative Arthritis isn’t enough. ) None of it was covered by Medicare, so neither by my Tricare for Life, except for the Rx. These predicaments lead to loosing my full time job (and I’m the “breadwinner. Because I take Cymbalta for an anxiety disorder; the hot flashes were mild to none. I also use Estrace cream (1x day externally), testosterone ointment(2x day every other day), estradiol pills (1x day – lowest dose possible), 12.5 mg DHEA daily and GNC brand progesterone cream at bed for 21 days/mo then off for 7 days. A prayer for the rest of you who do decide to try it…and especially for those who don’t. My Dr. Says that at some point I will have either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus. I am 60 years old and very much “in love” with my husband. Curious, I was having UTI’s almost every time we had sex which is about once a week or so. I’m especially interested to know that more of us have a link between the atrophy and UTIs — as I do. He is a veteran and his ED scripts are covered at the VA. The creams did almost nothing (estrace, etc.) Then, I got the hives which became welts allegedly from Osphena. Noticed a lot of people ar mentioning the PRICE of Osphena…you can go on GOOGLE and print a coupon my insurance did not cover it price wentfownt to 53.00. I like peaches much better than Mango; but I think I can develop a taste for them, if they help. I also have some serious medical issues along with many other ladies here. Sadly my bf is an asshole and doesn’t believe me about it. I have tried everything my GYN has suggested, and some he did not, but nothing helped, so was not worth the risk, since there is breast cancer in my Father’s immediate family. I’ve been taking Osphena for a little over 7 months now. Blessings. Is I am not in menopause, but do have severe degredation to my tissues thanks to SEVEN vaginal surgeries. Our children have enough to deal with these days and hearing your ad just adds to it. it initially REALLY helped make painful sex not painful. I needed vibration to numb the pain, and couldn’t get anything big enough to do any good , to fit. She does not like that at all. I don’t NOT want him, either; he’s the one not making advances for me to act on…which has always been my way to deal with sex. And they didn’t itch. I always thought that they were both the same thing. It would be the same as saying that “menopause” itself is a new condition. The calcium citrate worked good enough to do that. You sound like a very strong and determined woman. We’ve only had one encounter during the more than 6 mo. At first I had some leg cramps and hot flashes at night. (And you can’t describe the pain of sex adequately to doctors without getting graphic because they don’t understand the problem as we’re feeling it: “My husband’s penis has suddenly turned into a large bottle brush.”). It isn’t just for “old women” either- I am 38- had a hysterectomy too young- and paying the price. Wow Cathy, so happy for you. 603 Comments I take cranberry tablets on the days that I do take Osphena since I use it to prevent UTI’s. On the other hand I have prostatics and the doctor said to ejaculate more. You will then find out how important ‘sex life’ is. Look for happiness. I believe that Osphena is great for you Women that have had a natural menopause or are new to a hysterectomy, but for Women that have had a complete hysterectomy 20 yrs ago or so, I don’t believe it will give us back our life as you know it…I was on premarin for a while, but when my mother was diagnosed and passed away from renal cancer, and HRT is a causing factor, I stopped using it. I never made it past the 5th day. Or suffering for days afterward to heal. I had experienced such pain with sex, but after a month on this, it was like night and day. That sounds like a bladder (or kidney) infection; better get it checked out right away. From a woman’s point of view, if Viagra for ED is covered by some insurance companies, then sanitary napkins and tampons should have been covered by insurance years ago. I can’t figure out why I am suddenly repulsed by it – as nothing else has changed. My husband still BLAMES ME, still believing that most of it is in my head. REALLY!! – liver disease; That is so great to hear that Osphena has helped so much with your UTIs. Haven’t had a huge increase in moisture but that has never been a big issue for us since we use lubricants. Hi Karen – I am going to a Dr. tomorrow to see about alternatives to Osphena – I stopped taking in about 5 days ago, and feel good about that decision. I thought the Peripheral Artery Disease was over with after veins in my legs, with non-closing valves, were closed and now have good circulation in my legs. In 2008, when 90-plus rescued PMU mares, including these three, arrived at Duchess, the industry appeared to be on its way out. I wonder if it works for the rest of the women with UTIs.I didn’t have it, just simple, but persistent, UTIs. Then about 2 years ago the pain started. I should mention that I do have vascular migraine and tension headaches, which I do have medication for. Thank you guys..just left my doctor and I find it interesting since switching to a female doctor, this pill has been recommended for me! We want to let Osphena work awhile. It makes sense that your idiot boyfriend wouldn’t understand, he doesn’t have to go through it. This is very unusual for the FDA to do but it speaks to the concern that some have about the drug. The coupon does not apply to Medicare patients. I am 59 and the dry arid desert that is my vagina needs help. I don’t want to be on a bunch of hormones because I do have a family hx of cancer and heart problems. I am so offended at these commercials during the nightly news. I have been on and off Estrace for years. Osphena has also worked very well for our marriage. Both of them are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so you would get help from that point, anyway. Call your doctor, make another appointment and go in to talk to him/her. Hi Sweetie, For me, I like Osphena there has been improvement and intended to continue use of it as long as insurance pays for it. I’m not willing to go back to the way it was, as that was affecting our relationship. Will it take longer because of my age? Oh I should add that my husband is a retired USAF Colonel so we have Tricare (for life) too. Osphena isn’t estrogen; it just acts like one, and like estrogen-alone therapy, Osphena increases the risk of endometrial cancer. Osphena is a “selective estrogen receptor modulator” (SERM). It is estrogen just not in an irritant base. and thus all info should be highly suspect (as are the studies I have seen so far on Osphena) Just saying….. BabyCakes, Estrace hasn’t really been helpful. with my GYN, to check into the reason for the orange color of the discharge since our one sexual encounter over a amonth ago. No kids still working in my early 60’s and have a lot of life to live. Well, MyBabyCakes2006, I already did and the yeast infection is gone. I agree with her, it’s all about the “blood flow” affecting the sensation. How many for whom sex hurts can’t be helped with non-prescription remedies or safer, hormone creams? Brain fog is also gone and my energy level is much better than when I was under the bladder issues 24/7. I take meds for the MS to control the fatigue and muscle spasm. which did not work, Started on Osphena nine months ago and wow what a difference it made for me! I thought the unpleasant effects of menopause were over. Osphena is a prescription oral pill that treats moderate to severe painful intercourse and/or moderate to severe vaginal dryness, both symptoms of changes in your vagina, due to menopause. Unless I do begin any symptoms of heart related problems from Osphena, I will continue to take it; I will not let the lack of sex in our lives be blamed on me any longer. Interesting correlations between menopausal dryness and autoimmune disorders. All that being said, I will still seek this drug because my intimate life with my husband is too big and too important a part of my life. I can’t find “the number to treat” and “the number to harm” for Osphena, both significant pieces of information to know when it comes to pharmaceutical studies and deciding whether it’s a drug safe to take. This has dramatically improved my life but I cannot afford to purchase it after this month. My cancer was stage 0 but had I not been on too of it it would have progressed. Thanks for the reply! Good luck and don’t be afraid to fit for your right to…Parrrrra-tayyyyy! Although, it has really helped me in the bladder control and not more UTI’s although, it’s only been a month! Also STICKY. Drink more water. Some of the side effects only effect those who can still get those cancers, and I don’t have colestrol or heart problems; that is why I felt pretty safe trying Osphena. I knew I needed it when I became totally dry and there was no possible way I could have intercourse with my husband without feeling like I was going to be torn apart. Crys. It felt like a very tight rubber band about an inch into my vagina! I’ve been on Osphena for almost 6 weeks and it seems to be helping quite a bit. Only a relationship that has withstood the test of time and continues to choose love first will survive it. Have to be careful. Sex with great orgasms. And the scale just keeps ticking upwards… It’s to the point that I am now thinking of going off of Osphena and seeking an alternative. I’m a breast cancer survivor – chemo kicked me into menopause. Go there and get checked out. To me this woman’s book is exactly the opposite of MY reality. When someone replies you have to go searching for it, there’s no order to the site. Perhaps I was just so estrogen deficient that I noticed the difference after 3 days. This is the first blog on which I’ve ever posted. My pharmacy accepted it and the upshot is that it was MUCH cheaper than it had been before. Hi Franks, I wonder if they know what it’s like when your body gets old but your heart doesn’t. Hi Irma, I prefer not to use one and it’s driving me crazy as I can’t see the dates or the full names. Still not educated about vaginal atrophy. Good luck. So, Rx in hand, I priced it on the ExpressScripts site (I’m 61, not on Medicare): 30 days at a retail pharmacy: $4891.98. My husband didn’t believe me about the pain either. I’m 50 and had a total hysterectomy 14 years ago for a prolapsed uterus. Hello Ladies…. How do you know that what you are seeing is a blood clot? I also, had some hot flashes, so I switched to taking it at night, so I wouldn’t be bothered at work. Ten Viagra tablets cost about $250.00; Cialis is a little bit more but in the same ballpark. Am definitely asking my doctor for a script. Doc said I had vaginal dryness and thinning vaginal walls. Thank you for telling us about your experience with Osphena. Osphena and Premarin vaginal cream are two treatments for this condition. The face numbness could very well be stroke…Osphena connected or not. Yes, I will do my own trial with Osphena, since it is now available. I have medicare and a supplemental insurance. And thanks for the info about Osphena and the bones. I just wish the drug companies could find a treatment that didn’t have so many risks & side effects. Wish more people had your compassion for animals! That was in my late thirties. And the orgasms are longer and more intense. I still work, I guess it’s time to retire.. After 9 months my vision is blurring but I hope it isn’t from the Osphena. I not only had dryness, but paper-thin tissues without any stretch….and I needed lots of stretch, or at least my husband did. However, I did have to go off of the Osphena from a few days before the Fluconazole, to a few days after. ago the NP just stated I had atrophy. Unfortunately BCBS of Texas refuses to pay for it. I know what the side effects are said to be. I had issues with hot flashes that my doctor then recommended a herbal supplement that was $1 day. despo54. I finally quit, because it did not seem to be helping, and it just made me dread every “exercise” and then made me start absolutely hating sex and everything about it. Do you insert coconut oil in the vagina? Sex is pretty much non existent as it is very painful. Doesn’t it just say “risk? I bet you are right about the yeast infections. Progress Reports! However, my sister is ill with cancer and while caring for her; my sex drive dwindled. The moisture is better though. Absolutely, Anyway, I sure appreciate both of your inputs! I also asked what the side effects were. I know it’s one of the side effects of this drug but, does this mean that I have to stop it right away?.. So I went off of it….have had nothing but continuous UTI’s and Yeast infections. I had a few of the side effects early but they went away. Good Luck to you and hope it works for you also. Thing is my family lives thousands of miles away and I don’t really know where I’ll be going. I have had cancer twice so can’t have estrogen. Thanks all! It also pisses me off that drug companies are all over helping men get sexual gratification…. We are both understanding of our shortcomings so it’s really not hurting our relationship. The negatives are that hot flashes have returned, leg irritability at night, similar to restless leg syndrome I think, and the worst is that I have gained 20 pounds since starting Osphena. So I’m following this thread to see how others like Osphena. Went back to estring and estrace cream and still have a lot of pain. I am only 47 and have been in perimenopause for over two years, finally no longer having periods since December, 2012. Best. It all started with a bad choice in a hot tub, which then set off some horrible cycle of inflammation, pain, burning, stinging, you name it. He insisted I try Osphena and said that the warnings listed are because the Feds made the mfg list them. Dear Sunshine, Her only thought was that the cyst was causing some slight constriction of the urethra. i agree with the weight gain. Lately, sex is now as painful as before. I will need to start changing liners more than once a day. I have gained 20 lbs. I WAS EXCITED WHEN I READ ABOUT OSPHENA, I SHOWED HER THE MAGAZINE AD AND SHE WAS VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS SO SHE IS NOT INTERESTED AND STILL DOES NOT WANT INTERCOURSE. Like I said I have MS and some other autoimmune illnesses. I was on ‘the trial’ for 16 days using only 1/2 a pill. He’ll NEVER admit that his drive is not like it once was; but I will end up putting up with the side effects of Osphena daily, for his once-in-a-while needs. Even though, the drug Elmiron has been around for a number of years it is still expensive and no generic is available. Lynn, I’m so sorry to hear that your husband is not supportive. though. BHRT (bio identical hormone replacement therapy). I usually need it for the side-effects, when any other Dr. prescribes an antibiotic. I am so happy for her. What a bummer. We went from having a fantastic sex life to a not-so-great one. In 1990, I was diagnosed with autoimmune # 1, Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disorder. Because of the breast cancer, I can’t take HRT. I am 57 an am a new woman. You say you used a heating pad. Ok, MyBabyCakes2006 after reading this thread and seeing so many comments about UTIs, I felt the need to make a comment about Elmiron and its effects for me being my miracle drug. I agree with you ladies on the UTI’s, I am really happy to say that I am no longer getting them. I am in the same place you are. We joke about Osphena being cheaper than “hookers and blow” (just a little levity) but seriously, this is one thing that we hope is working to reduce my UTIs which is a serious chronic problem. Very willing to try Osphena as a last result. Nevertheless, I revealed that I couldn’t manage to have sex with lube and that Prempro was not helping. I will not put up with the weight gain so I will probably be quitting the med soon. Fast forward 5 years later at age 57, intercourse becoming very painful. I hope this helps. Of course, he said that I bled, just examining me….every 2 years?…I don’t think so. How are you feeling after 6 weeks? I guess the only way to find out is when you get married. I been taking it and all is been getting is a yest infection all the time it’s not for me i didnt like it, I have been on Osphena for over two years now. I have chosen to do the Optimum maintenance at least until they make me have another Bone Scan; but the Minimum Maintenance is less pills than I was having to take before, to get the 1200 mg a day they have said we need. Nobody even mentioned that to me. Osphena Oral tablet 60mg Drug Medication Dosage information. Its worth the risk in my case. I’ve been taking Osphena for several weeks and I noticed that my urine looks dark orange and it smells awful, like manure or something. I am concerned that Osphena might affect my MS. Do you know anything, or any reason that this drug might do that? This was the first I’d heard about it. That is just my humble opinion. Most of us have ben the premarin route,estrogens. silkroses8, patience and understanding. I totally understand it is about me now. Please keep posting or contact me somehow! Two 12-week trials were funded by the drug’s developers; the lead authors have strong ties to the companies. My best friend who lives in Florida just started BHR. I’m happy for the rest of you out there. Yes, I was surprised as she’s in her mid 50’s, divorced but I do believe she has a boyfriend. It soaks up ky jelly like moisture cream. Not unusual for drug trials but not exactly an unbiased effort. Good luck to you. Did you start it at 2 times a week or every day? My obgyn prescribed it. Of course, the copay is $55, but that’s better than the full price. iF THIS MEDICATION IS MADE FOR VAGINAL ATROPHY, WHICH NORMALLY HAPPENS AFTER MENOPAUSE OR IN OLDER WOMEN, WHY WOULD MEDICARE NOT COVER IT, THEY COVER VIIAGRA. She was very moist and she became aroused and very passionate. No only is my sex life phenomenol, but i feel young again. She would experience discomfort while walking. I’m on estrace with no help from it. With all the rude and crude “reality” TV shows on the air these days which I do not watch by choice, by the way, how can one see a similarity in the Osphena ads? I hope not. I was hopping the distributer would read the complaint, Thanks again!!! I have samples from the doctor, and have taken 2 pills. Everything was fine until about 3-4 years ago when intercourse began to hurt. Greatgrand- you’re welcome. it works, Well, if you are lactose intolerant- you need to know that Osphena has LACTOSE in it. It’s difficult to use as if you stop it you must start by using it for two weeks every night. It has been for me. I’m engaged and for the last yr I’ve suffered w/vaginal astrophy. Calcium, sodium and potassium are critical for your cardiovascular system and when your not hydrating well or getting sufficient intake of those in your food it will hit you like a ton of bricks. We both agreed not to try intercourse at this time. It can be done with WordPad, don’t need any of the office software. How do I know if I need it? I had endometrial cancer in 2010 at 30 and had a total hysterectomy. Even with $40 or $50 off, I still cannot afford this. Have not had any since taking Osphena and this weekend we were finally able to fully engage with NO pain! I’ve been using it for 6 weeks. I’ve been wondering about this drug for awhile now and I guess it is something I’ll be asking my urologist about when I see him in a couple of weeks. Too young to give up sex due to painful intercourse. They probably think it is all in our heads, like my husband did. With no family history of cancer, and no reproductive system for cancer to target, I am not afraid of estrogen. You would think there should be something out there for women and I hope this is it . I don’t know what to do about this short of stopping the drug. We are both 66 yrs old. I tried many low dose vaginal estrogens but they all contained an ingredient called propylene gylcol which is a skin irritant and bothered me more. Sex has been very painful and poor husband has been very patient. I’m too afraid of breast cancer to use the hormones. barbara. One UTI was so severe that I had to go to the emergency room in the middle the night. Wow I just wanted to thank everyone for your replies! So far that cured the UTIs. (It has helped my bone loss issue–since I can’t take Boniva). Didn’t know if you saw my post below somewhere but I too had quick results from Osphena. If we weren’t creative and my husband wasn’t so patient, it’d be completely depressing. Really haven’t had any other side effects so far and thinner then when I first started taking it a year and half ago. Thank you for all suggestions. My marriage and my state of mind has been terribly affected since then. I haven’t had any antibiotics in that time. One of the effects menopause has had on my body is the loss of elasticity to vaginal skin. I don’t get that. I so miss comfortable sex with my husband, I wonder if I can take this drug? I guess it’s just part of the whole change. Osphena may increase your chances of having a stroke or blood clots. I would kill to protect my babies; they are my life. To all of you women with a discharge, do ya’ll still have your uterus? It just felt sorta good, especially when I was in pain after my crummy exercises. I get regular Paps/examines and no irregularities. I have no breast tissue or ovaries so I didn’t need tamoxifen but my vaginal problems were still there and between the implants causing my upper body to constantly ache had my discomfort below from my atrophying vaginal tissue life was/is pretty miserable. Looking forward to your reviews. SuzyQ71, I seem to be one of the very few who have mentioned the discharge. They really don’t know the long term affects of this drug and for that reason, I will not take it again. As you can imagine, they are very painful. Babycakes; Good luck with the tests and please keep us updated……. I have severely painful intercourse since menopause that has profoundly affected our intimacy. I still feel traumatized by the day that my husband could suddenly no longer penetrate me after a fantastic sex life. I am almost 60, two C-sections and a full hysterectomy at 33, HRT/Estrace for 18 years, now off since 2007, do not take any other meds except vitamins, occasional Zantac for stomach acid. I’m going to speak to my gynecologist next week. The medicine has helped with the constant itching and at least intercourse is okay—not wonderful but tolerable. It only got worse. (Full disclosure: Block is a contributing editor for Senior Planet.). At 58 I started having horrible burning after intercourse, and It does interfere with the quality of one’s relationship. “ Now I find that I have autoimmune #3- Some type of vaginale atrophy, includes paper thin vaginal skin and explains the extremely painful intercourse. I know I dont want the estrace, it doesn’t work! I was reading some of the comments regarding the pricing. It was not an infection, only inflamation from the small veins they had worked on in my foot a couple months before (when they closed leg veins that the valves were not closing), and he said I should not be on the antibiotic. I’ve only been on Estrace for 2 weeks, but it seems to be working. Hope she gives it to me and I have the same results that you have.. Keep us updated. I need to find penny stock on the Osphena and make some money, this really works. Premarin vaginal cream prescribing information. So many older adults are lactose intolerant- why would drug companies make their pills with lactose?? Painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness and atrophy is not a marketing ploy–it’s a real problem. Thanks for the reply, It’s About Time. However, as Block points out, it’s kind of like gray hair and wrinkles: Most women have some of these changes as they age. I went to my dr. yesterday for my yearly female exam, I asked her about the osphena and she told me that it was just new on the market and she waits at least a year of it being on the market before she will prescribe it. I had a young man of 30 at my office, die suddenly, totally unexpected in April. Turns out I have 3 polys that need to be removed. Mrs. G., I am also a breast cancer survivor. Thanks for weighing in Barbara; Glad to know you don’t censor. Started with not feeling quite right to stroke level hypertension. I had a total hysterectomy in Jan. 2013 due to endometrial ca. wondering if it’ll help my other ailments related to my MS, Polychondritis, etc. But too much potassium isn’t good for you either. ), Se risiedi negli Stati Uniti e desideri rimanere sul sito di Osphena.com, fai CLIC QUI, heavy vaginal bleeding (vaginal hemorrhage). You have to go searching on this site, too. Talk to your doctor. Pretty embarrassing. I was still getting my period when it began. There is absolutely a need for something to help women. His initial response before he examined me was, so you are not just bored doing your wifely duty? Will see my doctor soon, will request Osphena, hopefully, it will help. Help please. It’s very helpful. My MS has been okay due to the Copaxone injections for the past 12 years. I suffer with MS too – and have been in the same situation for 14 years! Open to any suggestions. It will have to be your Medicare Supplement that pays for the Osphena, I Imagine. Hi Barbara, I just got my Osphena, I’m past menopause but having bladder issues, so I found this website and glad to hear from others that are taking this. Then back to Premarin but I developed an allergic reaction. I’m so happy for you! I see my gynecologist on the 13th and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll prescribe it. Unfortunately, due to the vaginal atrophy, I developed Bacterial infections, pressure to pee all the time, yeast infections and constant UTI’s. Also–I realized that the pain I had when merely wiping myself was diminishing! Works like a charm, and my surgical site is healing up nicely. Two very welcome improvements: first, I have LOTS of natural lubrication now, not quite like pre-menopause but certainly adequate. I am having a little more discharge now, and it is tan in color, like pre-period used to be. So happy to hear that you are seeing results! I knew I was experiencing thinning of the vaginal wall and vulvar tissues, and because my husband hasn’t been home enough to have a normal sex life, it wasn’t an issue.